About Us



The textile industry its one of the dynamic and powerfull industries in Turkey.

Applying strict quality control procedures during all stage of production is what is giving «Virginiasecret»-its leading positions on the market of textile.

Since 1994and until today «Virginiasecret» has been implementing the same:which consists of two main elements namely, producing high-level quality products exclusively for home textiles and producing new products collection according to over changing market and customers requirements .

«Virginiasecret» company it is a way to a world of luxury and impecable style.
«Virginiasecret» Products are made of natural cotton and top quality materials that conform with the quality standarts of Oeko-Tex and İSO 9002.

Products are exported directly from Denizli to the markets of Russia,Germany,Great Britan,Netherlands and other countries of Europe.

In the light of the above«Virginiasecret» is pleased to invite all those interested customers to establish communication with us,and we will be more happy to discuss and consider all posiible types of bussines relationships.